Eco Car Leasing - Save Money On Benefit in Kind Tax

Why Does Eco Car Leasing Matter?

Over the last 5 years, customer interest in eco-friendly lease cars has almost certainly increased. Much of this can probably be attributed to Governmental policies and legislation (both in the UK and abroad) relating to global warming and environmentally-friendly changes.

For personal car leasing customers, while some may be influenced by the desire to improve our planet, many are looking for a car which offers fuel-friendly MPG; why spend time (and money) at the petrol station? Of course, the reduced CO2 emissions does mean that customers are polluting much less.

For business customers, while the above is true, there is also an added incentive to utilise more environmentally-friendly cars; tax. If you are a company car driver, there are a number of benefits to having a car paid for you by your employer. However, this benefit is not free and you need to look at ways to reduce your exposure to Benefit in Kind Tax (BiK).

Benefit in Kind Tax – How does Eco Car Leasing Assist me?

Going “Green” with your company car can save you money on tax; this is a fact. The lower your CO2 emissions, the lower your exposure to company car tax will be. The tax you pay as an employee is broadly based on three key considerations:

  1. List Price of the car plus any accessories or extra - sometimes referred to as the P11d of the car;
  2. Fuel type of the car - diesel, petrol or even electric; and
  3. CO2 emissions - this is shown as g/km (grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer driven)

In broad terms, the cleaner and greener your car, the less you will pay in tax, as your car is polluting less than other vehicles.

For our London-based customers, there is also an added incentive for a greener car; the congestion charge.

Congestion Charge Exemption – What Cars can I Lease?

As at the time of writing this, cars which emit 75g/km or less, and which meet Euro 5 standards for air quality, will receive 100% discount on the congestion charge. Following a number of announcements, the Greener Vehicle Discount (GVD) was closed for new registrations, meaning that the list is now restricted to 75g/km cars only.

Additionally, if you lease an electric car, or if your car is a ‘plug-in hybrid’, then you can avoid the Congestion Charge. Vehicles such as the Chevrolet Volt, Toyota Prius Plug-In, Vauxhall Ampera and Volvo V60 Plug-In are all on the approved list.

What Cars are Available?

In short, you, or your company, can lease any car which is in production. However, based upon our account manager’s experience, you will be provided with the most suitable option for your situation i.e. budget, MPG required or CO2 emission requirements.

While some of the latest environmentally-friendly cars are expensive, please be assured that our ‘fleet-level’ discounts and buying power means that we can offer the right deal for you. As many of the cars are packed with fantastic extras, such as leather, navigation and Bluetooth, you never have to compromise on quality.

For the ultra-eco car lease deal hunters out there, the team at CarLease UK can point you in the right (and greenest) direction. With options such as the Honda Insight using the Honda IMA system (integrated Motor Assist) or the Toyota Prius, with Hybrid Synergy Drive, we can guarantee the cleanest of cars!

Green Fleet Leasing – A Summary

For your company: For your staff: For the environment:
  • Reduce vehicle costs
  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Reduce vehicle use
  • Increase Productively
  • Improve Corporate image
  • Reduce driving hours
  • Reduce driving techniques
  • Reduce BIK tax burden
  • Improve 'feel good factor'
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce traffic levels
  • Improve road safety
  • Reduce emissions
  • Reduce noise pollution
  • Generate positive global impact

Need to know more about eco car leasing?

As one of the UK’s official car leasing providers, we are able to deliver service and satisfaction with your environmentally-friendly choices. Contact the team by calling us on 01942 608 606 or by emailing today.