4 Reasons to Lease your Next Car

4 Reasons to Lease your Next Car...

1. Cars Depreciate Rapidly. One of the main reasons people decide to lease a new car instead of buying a new car is the fact that as soon as you register your new vehicle it loses money. Leasing depreciating assets (like a car) is the best way of protecting yourself against future losses as after all, why would you want to be tied to the future price of a car?

2. Choice in Abundance. For a fixed price per month you can lease yourself a car from a wide range of manufacturers. Options, extras and trim levels come as part of the package.

3. Freedom to choose and change. Once your lease contract is up you just hand the car back, no need to sell the car on or trade it in with a dealer for a new car. You simply choose your next lease deal.

4. Pay one fixed price. Know the cost of your car with one fixed, monthly cost for the life of your lease. No road tax is available on many models as well as additional, insurance or service, repair or maintenance costs which can be added before you take out a lease deal.

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