Car Leasing For Young & New Drivers

Car Leasing Help & Advice for Young & New Drivers...

Without doubt, the biggest obstacle facing many young drivers both male and female is the (rising) cost of motor insurance. One of the questions we get asked here at CarLease UK is whether or not we offer personal contract hire deals which include the cost of car insurance. Unfortunately the answer is no. However as a young or new driver you can still lease a brand new car from us and arrange car insurance seperately! 

What is included in Younger Driver Lease Deals?

With our young driver personal leasing deals we can include a “funder-maintenance” package which can offer:

  • Servicing;
  • Maintenance;
  • Tyres (replacement and, in some cases, punctures);
  • MOT (at the relevant point); and
  • Breakdown recovery.

This ultimately means that you do need to budget for the cost of insurance and fuel yourself.  

Why is Car Leasing Suitable for Young Drivers?

Once a young driver reaches 18 years old, they might want to consider the benefits of leasing a car. First, and foremost, we only offer brand-new vehicles which means that they do benefit from a car which is under warranty and which has all the desirable creature comforts a young person would need. Add to that the ability to include a funder-maintenance package and you are well on way to fixing your costs on a motor vehicle. With flexible initial rental structures (please note – we don’t say deposit!), we can accommodate most requests, ranging from no-deposit/no initial rental up to bigger initial rentals.

Should Young Drivers choose PCH or PCP?

That being said, please also consider that contract hire is a usership style product. For a young driver, this means they will be unable to purchase the car at the end of the lease in most circumstances. If ownership style products are needed, just let one of our team know and we can offer a personal contract purchase (PCP) option for comparison. Additionally, as contract hire is a fixed term agreement, if a young driver’s circumstances do change, fees and/or charges will apply for an early termination. 

How to apply...

For more information of leasing a car for a young driver, get in touch with us or browse through the lease deals currently on offer here, read more help and advice here or check out some news and reviews in our car leasing blog here!