Understanding Stock, Allocation and Factory Order Lease Deals

The special offers and car leasing deals that credit brokers like CarLease UK offer will be based on vehicles which are in stock, on allocation or on a factory order basis: Understanding how this affects customers vehicles and the speed in which a new lease car can be delivered and driven away by a customer is explained here below...

· Stock – this essentially means that a vehicle is in the UK at a depot (or dealership) or is at the port of entry (UK) or exit (Europe). Depending on the status, we would expect the car to be delivered within 14-21 days from the point of order subject always to the cooling-off period for regulated customers. Do note that many stock deals are “Pre-Registered” which means they have already been registered weeks/months before delivery. This starts the clock ticking for the warranty and the MOT. The vehicle will have delivery mileage only; a pre-registered does not mean the car has been used before, contrary to popular belief;

· Allocation – this essentially means cars have either been built or will be built in the near future and you will not be able to influence their specification (colour/extras). Many of our deals are based on allocation, which means you can hopefully select the car you require but this will involve a degree of patience as the process takes 4 – 6 weeks; and

· Factory order - this essentially means a car is built to your exact requirements (we often ask you to build on the manufacturer configurator for diligence). The process of building a car can take from 4 weeks to 6 months manufacturer and model dependent.

In short, before ordering your new lease car with a dealer/broker, try to ascertain how the deal has been structured to effectively manage the time and to prevent you being without a vehicle. To learn more about car leasing, check out further articles in our help and advice pages by Clicking Here or also read car leasing news and reviews in our Blog by Clicking Here. 

You can also Contact the CarLease UK team by calling 01942 608 606 or via the Contact Us Page